Empire by Spiegelworld Sydney Opening Night

The opening night for Empire was on January 8. The show came direct from New York and is performed in a Spiegeltent at Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park. Proceedings got under way with pre-show drinks with De Bortoli La Boheme and Rococo wines. In the tent there was a centre stage with seating all the way around it and raised booths around the tent perimeter.

We were blown away early on by the comedy MCs. Their vaudeville act and wit had the audience laughing. We had to pick up our jaws off the table. “Oh my god” kept being uttered from our mouths as we watched what was unfolding or more specifically the undressing! And their act continued throughout the program.

We continued to be stunned throughout the show. The super-flexible and grace of Miss A who performs in a suspended perspex bubble and then dangles by a lower leg had us in awe.

Then the three “Gorilla Girls” came out doing strength and balance routines wearing suspenders. Wow!

Ethiopian acrobats had as wondering how the flippee got from one position to the next with aerial twists and spins landing on the flipper’s feet.

Russian roller skaters had us enthralled with thoughts of them spiralling off the stage.

We loved the live music throughout the show where there was a mix of legendary classics as well as recent songs including one by Katy Perry. The harmony of the singer on the final act of balancing a feather on a branch, then balancing than on another branch and so on, which took 18 minutes to complete, contributed to us being mesmerised.

Because we were so entranced with the show, it was the quickest hour and a half we had ever experienced. It was beyond expectations. We were grinning from ear to ear. Standing ovations throughout the night were testament to the quality and funness of the show.

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