Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia New Generation Runway Show

Doris Q’s SS14 collection “Chasing Ice” was inspired by the collapse of glaciers and the imagery from the documentary “Chasing Ice” by James Balog. The collection incorporates a variety of pleat, digital print on sequins and neoprene, reflective printing on netting and denim as oversized tees to achieve the layers of glacier visual effect with a touch of sportiness. In addition to Doris being the design director of Doris Q, she is chief buyer for Tikka Boutique and contributing editor of Elle China magazine.

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Aquintic’s SS14/15 range expressed the style focus of a mix of the uniformity of menswear, the fluidity of womenswear and the nonchalance of minimalism.

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Rukshani’s debut collection is influenced by the city of Barcelona. Colours, prints and silhouettes were designed to echo the city’s beauty. The collection focusses on the bright colours of Barcelona, the intricate detailing on historical building and the unique architecture.

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RACHELALEX’s range of bold prints and dynamic proportions defines the label’s visual dialogue. The label presents a beautifully constructed collection that has a dream-like quality.

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Anna Quan’s SS14/15 collection ‘Cosa Nostra’ was inspired from the gang of notorious Italian mobsters and playing on the idea of respectability. The collection marries strong tailored notes with sheer and softer tones. Just as there is a contradiction between the respectable uniform of the Cosa Nostra and their actual activities, the garments are cut to reveal surprising contrast layers such as mixing traditional worsted wool with raw silk tulle.

Borrowing from the female silhouette of the 1950s – underwear becomes outerwear and is juxtaposed against masculine lapels and shoulders. Amongst the defiant tailoring are minimalistic silhouettes with windows of organza alluding femininity, whilst satin racer stripes and seams add a touch of modern luxe.

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The Daniel K SS14/15 range titled “The Invitation” introduces the fashion sphere to an androgynous collection.

The directional range features a pure colour palette of primary red and blue balanced with white and icy greys. Organza predominantly features fusing understated luxury with a modern minimalist feel. Elegantly oversized silhouettes from fluid wide leg pants to clean, boxy panelled shifts graced the runway bound for both commercial and critical success.

The collection also features whole garment technology, a vein that runs through each and every Daniel K collection. Lightweight breathable knitwear has been produced using a single yarn of merino wool resulting in seamless and relaxed knitwear whilst minimising the waste of fabric.

Cool, contemporary and understated is the Daniel K persona. No wonder the label has been worn by Jessie J, Kylie Minogue, Jennifer Hawkins and Margaret Zhang.

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Caslazur presented their Rocking Rococo range which is masculine and strong, yet evokes a sense of romance and feminity, inspired from the style and attitude of 1950′s male icons such as Elvis and James Dean.

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