Chinese Silk Fashion Show: Tradition Meets Trend

Last night, a fashion show of work by Heaven Gaia was delivered by their famed designer Xiong Ying at the Powerhouse Museum held by the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences Centre for Fashion and the China Cultural Centre (Sydney) to an exclusive group of attendees.

We were wowed by the diversity and design mix of modern pieces with on-trend style.

img_8704 img_8706 img_8710 img_8712 img_8713 img_8716 img_8718 img_8721 img_8724 img_8726 img_8728 img_8731 img_8733 img_8736 img_8738 img_8740 img_8745 img_8746 img_8749 img_8755Heaven Gaia designer Xiong Ying (in red) with her models.